Frequently Asked Questions

​Why am I being asked to complete this survey?
The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs contracted with Wilder Research to work with them on a legislative mandate. The mandate is to look at mental and behavioral health services available to veterans in the state of Minnesota to see what services are available, and what services may be missing.

Do I have to participate?
The study is completely voluntary. Participation (or lack thereof) will not affect your relationship with the MDVA or any other entities. Relatedly, participation in the study will not directly connect you to benefits or services for which you may be eligible. You are welcome to see the survey before you decide to participate.

Do I get anything for participating?
In appreciation of your time, we are offering a $10 gift card to your choice of Target, Walmart, or Cenex. The gift card will be mailed to an address of your choice after the survey has been submitted. The survey will NOT qualify you for additional benefits or services.

Will my name be used?
The study asks for your contact information solely for the purpose of sending you a gift card. This information is kept separately from your responses and will not be used in any reports. Your responses will be combined with the responses of other veterans in your county and from around the state.

Who will see my data?
Only the researchers at Wilder Research will be able to see your anonymous responses. We will ask you for your contact information solely for the purpose of sending you a gift card. This information is kept separately from your responses.

What are you going to ask me about?
The survey has questions about your mental and chemical health, experiences that you may have had that may have affected your mental health, services you have received, services you still need, and some background information about you. There will be some questions that may be difficult to answer, such as questions about sexual assault experiences of thoughts of suicide. You can choose to leave blank any questions you do not want to answer.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the survey?
If you have any further questions, you can contact Nora Johnson at, Kelsey Imbertson at, or call (651) 280-2748. If you are having technical difficulties with the online survey, please contact Dan Swanson at or 651-280-2712.

How can I take the survey?
The survey is available as an online survey and a paper survey. If you do not have access to a computer to complete the survey online, you can pick up a paper survey at one of the participating organizations. If completing an online or paper survey is difficult for you due to vision issues or other reasons, please call (651) 280-2748 to complete the survey over the phone.

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